Sonifying Processing: The Beads Tutorial Free Ebook

Evan Mertz ha lanzado un libro electrónico libre llamado "Sonifying Processing", un libro sobre la creación del arte de sonido y visuales en Processing.


Sonifying Processing shows students and artists how to bring sound into their Processing programs. It takes a hands-on approach, incorporating examples into every topic that is discussed. Each section of the book explains a sound programming concept then demonstrates it in code. The examples build from simple synthesizers in the first few chapters, to more complex sound-manglers as the book progresses. Each step of the way is examined at a level that is simple enough for new learners, and comfortable for more experienced programmers.

Topics covered include Additive Synthesis, Frequency Modulation, Sampling, Granular Synthesis, Filters, Compression, Input/Output, MIDI, Analysis and everything else an artist may need to bring their Processing sketches to life.

“Sonifying Processing is a great introduction to sound art in Processing. It’s a valuable reference for multimedia artists.” – Beads Creator Oliver Bown

Sonifying Processing is available as a free pdf ebook, in a Kindle edition, or in print from

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